The Girl Who Cried Fashion
2 Styles, Mother/Daughter Team..One BIG Dream!

Our goal is to make everyone feel great and look fabulous. Our dream has come true and now yours can too!  We have created a place where you can learn the latest fashion trends and purchase boutique items below department store prices.  A fashion opportunity, earn money and points by simply looking spectacular.

With over 30 years of experience in the fashion and salon industry, we know how to make women look and feel fabulous. At The Girl Who Cried Fashion we believe it’s all about YOU: from that just perfect little black dress to the make-up that makes you look 10 years younger, our styles will give you the Wow factor you have been looking for!

From Chic to Classy,
Glittery to Glamorous,
Stylish to Swanky…
The Girl Who Cried Fashion is your one stop shop!

When you look great, you feel great and there is no reason why you shouldn’t feel great all of the time.

The picture perfect match for us was teaming up with top salon owners. Whether you are looking for a total makeover, a little change or that perfect accessory to match your outfit, you can visit anyone of our preferred salons.  There you can shop our products and see what services they have to offer to enhance your look.  If you are a salon looking to carry our lines or a customer looking for a salon to visit, please click on our Salons tab.

Do you ever feel like you have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear? Visit the Consignment section of our website where you can sell back your old clothes for money off of your next order.  Your old treasures can be another woman’s gem which will make room in your closet for the latest and greatest styles you have been looking for.

The simplest little things can make a big difference for your fashion, budget and lifestyle. Whenever you recommend our site or tell someone where you purchased your latest outfit, accessory or handbag and then they purchase something on the site, you get $$ back or points back towards your next purchase.  Become a Member and get exclusive access to the hottest deals, double points for purchasing the item of the week, and promo cards to pass out. Visit our Membership Section for additional details.

Charity. The Girl Who Cried Fashion loves to give back! Contact us today for information about charity events, fundraisers and promotions.